Health, Wellness And The Fruit Of The Week

Health and Wellness

Food, particularly sugary sweets are a mainstay for many holiday festivities. Whether we intend to or not, overeating is common this time of year and we offer a few tips and tactics to help you prevent gaining any excess pounds.

If, by chance, you find yourself a little heavier now than before the holiday season, there are a few things you can do eliminate holiday weight gain incurred over the past seven weeks.

Feeling a little blue? It’s not uncommon for people to feel a little down durin the winter months and depression of any kind can be debilitating and without help. Having a check-up of your nervous system but nervous system for seasonal depression can help alleviate the problem.

Do you experience recurring back pain? Quantum neurology can help explains the importance of nerve health in controlling or eliminating back pain.

And, like back pain, headaches are something we all contend with as well: poor nerve connectivity may be the problem if you are experiencing recurring headaches , so finding the trigger can help relieve them for good.

In recent years the trend toward fevers has been to medicate with fever-reducing pain relievers at the first sign of rising temperatures. We examine the reasons for a fever, when to treat and when to let it run its course.

Fruit of the Week

Making smart choices about diets and the supplements we take has everything to do with how we feel physically, mentally and emotionally. Balanced diets give us the best fuel with which to meets the demands of our day. When time or geography prevents us from adding some fruits or nutrients, supplements can make up for the deficiency.

Whatever the reason for avoiding the pear in the past, now is a good time to reconsider, so let’s get to know this delicious fruit a little better, shall we? Pears are similar to, but not as popular, as apples and perhaps it is because pears don’t develop the rich colors that apples do during their lifetime.

Or, if pears aren’t your thing, there’s nothing sweeter than the peach and we offer six reasons peaches can help you feel “peachy.” ounce for ounce, peaches are one of the best natural choices for healthy eating.

Blueberries have been highly recommended for their antioxidant content but there is a fruit with higher antioxidant content: the acai berry. This super fruit is rich with fiber and heart-healthy fats and acai berries are reputed to help maintain healthy digestive and heart systems. Increased metabolism, higher energy levels and a more effective digestive system are just some of the perks they provide.