Lengthen your muscles through nerve rehabilitation

Increase Flexibility

Did you know that our light therapy technique which is called Quantum Neurology® produces amazing results? Not only is it effective in helping our patients feel relief for their migraines, sciaticas, and low back pain, it is also an very effective tool in increasing your flexibility.

This technique was developed by Dr. George Gonzales, DC. after his wife experienced a spinal cord injury and has helped many Olympic athletes gain muscle flexibility. As we all know being more flexible will help prevent injuries and further health issues.

Quantum Neurology® can help maximize the length of key performance muscles in the body. This is not stretching! It neurologically resets the length of the muscle. The benefit of muscle lengthening is that it allows patients and athletes to gain and maintain in stride, swing, and reach.

If you are an athlete or just looking to increase your muscle length, we highly suggest learning more about how we can help increase the muscle flexibility. It only take a few minutes for this muscle  and nerves to recognize the dramatic change.

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