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When you visit the Nerve Health Institute you know you are in the best hands. Whether it’s getting relief from a lifetime of pain, getting on top of your overall health and wellness or trying to make yourself feel and look better with our aesthetics you can rest assure you are getting the best treatment around. 

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Dr. Chris Cormier and his team are committed to helping their patients live a healthy and active lifestyle. They are incredibly passionate about empowering each patient with the knowledge and resources to take control of their overall health and wellness.

Our office prides itself on offering services that require NO needles, NO drugs and NO surgeries. 


Most Popular Services

We specialize in a wide variety of services but below are our most popular, top-request ones. 

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Additional Services

Services We Also Offer

Specific Brain/Spinal Cord Therapy

Treated through laser light therapy.

Anti-Aging Therapy

Treated with our TheraLight 360 Bed.

Auto Accident Injuries

Treated through Chiropractic care.


Treated with our BEMER technology.


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Current Specials

HBOT Specials

Starting From $59

Contour Light Specials

Starting From $79

Superhuman Specials

Starting From $150

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